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Megaled floodlight 10w Megaled 50w blade  floodlight  Megaled 30W PIR FLoodlight
 Deck lighting
  Flood lighting
 Security lighting
8-4 led tube 150cm 25w  mgald corn bulb 50w
 Led Down lights
     led tube
  Led corn Bulb

 Stellar led flood light

 6527787  halo
Sports lighting
High tower lighting
High bay



Call us at Megaled to find quality lighting in Auckland. We start early and work late to find the best value and most efficient led fittings available. We supply led light fittings where customers require reliability and efficiency. Our goal to provide maximum light for minimum power. The Megaled Lighting range reduces power consumption by 50-75% while meeting the same illumination levels as their conventional alternatives. If you’re looking for industrial commercial lighting solutions for factories sports fields processing plants offices or restaurants you’re in the right place. We also sell an extensive range of downlight fittings for the home.

How can you tell you have equipped your business with Megaled led lighting technology?

I am confident because my lighting power bill has gone down and I cant remember when I last replaced a light fitting .

Its feels brighter your lights are not flickering .

There is no toxic mercury hanging above your head.

The boss is happy because high light levels have improved productivity.

 The OSH inspector  is happy because high lux levels reduce work place accidents.

The power company is unhappy because your bill is unexpectedly low  for this time of year.

 What are you waiting for – isn’t it time to stop paying too much?

Call us now on 09 392 0090 and Start saving.

Did you know that even though that fluro tube or halide bulb is only emitting half the light it did when you first installed it 18 months ago its still consuming the same amount of power.?

For quality lighting in Auckland or other surrounding areas, turn to MegaLED, one of the leaders in the industry. We specialize in engineering products that will help provide maximum light while using minimum power. This is ideal for reducing the costs of electricity bills, making life much easier for both the commercial and residential industry.

Our Guarantees

One of our principal philosophies at MegaLED is to provide our customers with nothing but the best lighting products at the lowest possible prices. With that in mind, we have come up with the following three guarantees:

Guarantee 1

We guarantee all our fittings for two years so you have peace of mind in your investment. This furthers our commitment to allowing our customers to get maximum light with minimal costs. Customer satisfaction is one of the key measures of our success.

Guarantee 2

Our products are 100% MERCURY FREE. We also comply with ROHS international standards. MegaLED LED lighting can be recycled and contains no hazardous chemicals, unlike CFL fittings. In fact, you can even break the lens on a LED fitting and the LED chip will continue to emit light. Our products are the safest and most durable options for LED lighting for Auckland residents and businesses as well as those that are in the surrounding areas. 

Guarantee 3

Test drive your LED light for three months and if you’re not totally satisfied with the incredible savings and huge light output, simply contact us and return the product(s) for a full refund.


Our Satisfied Customers

Many of our satisfied customers have gone on to say that the savings they’ve made from their power bills have helped cover the initial purchase. They have recommended us to their friends and have helped us build our reputation. This has only been possible with our hard work and dedication to providing the best lighting solutions to our customers.

We’ve worked for local government, and various corporations and businesses. Each time, we’ve been able to exceed our client’s expectations. We inform our customers about the latest changes and advances in the lighting industry. With that information, we can help them continue to make even more savings.

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